Sep 28

Infrastructure as Code: Security Gains and Risks

Featuring Caroline Ratliff @ Trend Micro


Oct 7

Simplifying Security with Policy as Code in Automated Cloud Pipelines

With Sean O’Dell, Director of Developer Advocacy at Accurics


Oct 14

DevOps & Hops Central

Speaker and Topic information coming soonRSVP

Oct 21

Why Kubernetes is Doomed to Fail

Featuring Sander Rodenhuis, CEO @ Red Kubes


Oct 28

DevOps & Hops Global

Speaker and Topic information coming soonRSVP

Nov 3

GitOps Basics and Pro/Cons

Featuring Bret Fisher at CoreEnable


Nov 16

Shrinking Production Incidents

Featuring Yuri Grinshteyn, SRE @ Google


Nov 17

DevOps & Hops Global

Speaker and Topic information coming soonRSVP

Dec 2

Serverless & Agile Transformation in the Middle of a Pandemic

Featuring Craeg Strong @ Ariel Partners


Dec 7

A Wrinkle in Time – Why Dev Teams Need a Historian

Featuring Barbara Bazemore Kiszka @ Bose


Dec 9

DevOps & Hops Eastern

Speaker and Topic information coming soonRSVP

Dec 14

Software Development Predictions for 2022

Featuring Dori Exterman, CTO @ Incredibuild


About NADOG Events

North American DevOps Group was designed as a place for IT practitioners and IT leaders to gather, share war stories, collaborate on ideas and make new connections. We strive to provide an environment where group discussion is welcomed and encouraged.

Live events:

  • Quarterly gatherings in over 35 cities around the world.
  • We generally meet at a private room in a restaurant, brewery, a member’s office/conference room, etc.
  • Our sponsors provide food and drinks for all attendees
  • We begin with a social reception, followed by a featured talk, panel, etc, Q&A + group discussion and more socializing and networking
  • Topics are always focused on thought leadership messages around DevOps, DevSecOps, Agile, Cloud-native, Platform Engineering, SRE, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery/Deployment and more.

Online/Virtual Events:

  • NADOG began offering online events in March 2020
  • The goal for these virtual events is to recreate the social and group discussion environment that our members experience at our live events
  • We begin with some trivia and group discussion, followed by our featured speaker or panel discussion.
  • We end each event with Q&A and socializing/networking with virtual breakout rooms.
  • We offer a weekly virtual event open to anyone who would like to attend and join in on the group discussion.

If you would like to attend ay of our events, please follow the links above. You can also join our mailing list to stay up to date, volunteer to speak at an event and support the group as a sponsor. 

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