Nov 3

“10 Years of DevOps and Beyond”

Featuring – Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Creator of Jenkins & Brian Dawson, Host of DevOps Radio

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Nov 4

“Product Research Rules”

Featuring – Author, C Todd Lombardo

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Nov 17

“Security in a DevOps World”

Featuring – Kazbek Khumush, Technical Advisor @ Trend Micro

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Nov 19

EURODOG “Supersonic, Subatomic Java in Kubernetes”

Featuring – Alex Soto, Author of “Quarkus Cookbook”

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Dec 2

“Is Automated Testing a Waste of Time?”

Featuring – Barbara Kiszka, Digital SDLC Practice and Release Lead @ Bose

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Dec 3

“The Ford DevOps Story”

Featuring from Ford Motor Company:
Tom Erickson, Supervisor – Global Software Tools and Processes
Timothy Carmean, Supervisor Software Development Processes & Tools

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