Founded in 2015, North American DevOps Group has been committed to bringing like-minded people together in a casual environment to learn, make new connections and share experiences. Today, NADOG offers a variety of events and formats all across the US, Canada and Europe, where we are known as EURODOG.

As a NADOG member, you will have access to dozens of live and online events every year, and you will take an active role as a member of your local DevOps community. No matter the format, we always strive to make our gatherings fun, interactive and informative. 

As a NADOG sponsor, you will have an opportunity to share your thought leadership with our global community, and you will also build credibility and appreciation within our world-wide family of IT practitioners and IT leaders.

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Upcoming Events

Sep 23

NADOG @ DevOps World – “5 Key Things to Quantify in Your DevOps Journey”

Featuring Krishna Nadiminti, Sr Manager, DevOps at Emburse

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Sep 24

“The Objectives and Principles Behind GitOps”

Featuring Viktor Farcic – Host of “The DevOps Paradox”

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Oct 6

NADOG @ cdCon – “cdCon Sneak Peak!”

Featuring Tracy Miranda, Executive Director, The Continuous Delivery Foundation

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Oct 7

NADOG @ cdCon – “CD & DevOps at Scale”

Featuring  Tracy Ragan, CDF Board Member and CEO of DeployHub

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NODOG offers a variety of event formats across North American and Europe. Our speakers and sponsors are thought leaders and technical innovators in a variety of categories such as development, test, security, release, operations and more.
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